Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Revenge is SWEET!!!!

Do all of you remember this?

Let me explain. Our little group of girls have a fun, yet annoying tradition that involves vacation, breaking and entering (not really), and creative minds. When one of us is on vacation or not in the immediate area that a group of us are when in their house, we like to re-arrange a few house items for fun. Or put a toilet/fountain on their front porch for everyone to see, or put our beautifully manicured feet on their pillow...You get the picture, right?

Well, this week was my revenge week. My wonderful friend, Holly, decided to make me a toilet/fountain for my birthday and put it on my front porch. REVENGE IS SWEET!!

I'm not saying much, but Holly is out of town for a few days and I had the opportunity to "visit" her house. I just happened to run into Holly's sister in law, Tiffani while she was breaking and entering "delivering the mail". Check out Tiffani's blog to see her interpretation of delivering the mail. That's pretty much all I'm sayin..................but here is an artistic preview.

Love you Holly! Now-go pick on someone your own size!!!


Tiff said...

Holly's gonna kill us... Isn't it fun?!?! Thanks for helping!

Love my babes said...

I am NOT going to fess up to having my husband put a toilet in my friends truck for picking on me. I would NOT do that. So I think it is probably good I am too far away to help out in your mischief. Hehehe

Betty said...

I do remember the toilet fountain on the porch,very funny. I checked out Tiffani's blog very cool I bet with four kids she is a busy lady. I had six so I know how hard it is and how much fun you can have.
Your eggs are so good I have 1 1/2 doz left so maybe next week I will need more.
You girls have a good time.

Snow Mommy said...

Thanks.....thanks alot. The war is still on!