Monday, October 26, 2009

What about me, Mom?

Well, as you can imagine, when Evan saw that Sierra had purple highlights, he got a little jealous. He has been asking me to color his mohawk for a long time and I just haven't done it. So, after church we went to the beauty supply store and bought the stuff to do his hair. I had to by bleach to take the natural color out of his hair first and then add the purple color. But before any of that could happen, Daddy had to first cut his hair and make it look right. He was very patient through the whole process and even exclaimed, "I can't believe I am holding still this long!"
Here are pictures of the bleached hair(which he wanted to leave like that), and then the final coloring. It is brighter in person than in the pictures. The pictures just happened to turn out a little dark.



Snow Mommy said...

Pioneer Pride!!

Stephana said...

sweeeeeeeeeet!!!! I love it!!!!

Love my babes said...

Congrats on your boy sitting still I know that is hard for my 7 yr old. Good job!