Friday, August 14, 2009

Busy times...

I really am sorry that I haven't posted anything in a few weeks. Between summer time, outside work, farm life, kids and studying, I have been neglecting this blog. I hope as the fall gets here and school starts, I will have more time to post. With that being said, here is my latest post.

Introducing Pasa****

Pasa is 8 years old and lives in a remote area along the border of India and Bhutan. His father is dead and little is known about his mother. He is part of the Dukpa people, living in a small village with access only by foot.
We want Pasa to grow up feeling loved and well cared for. That is why we have chosen to sponsor him through Kidstown, International. This way Pasa can move to the Bhatkuwa orphanage and get education, food, clothing, medical care and love. He will come to know Jesus and all of his needs will be met.
We are excited to send Pasa a letter and some pictures of our family, plus a few little gifts that the kids have picked out for him. I feel that this is a great way to show our children how to love someone they have never met, and it will also teach them to love as Jesus loves them.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, let me know and I will give you the information you need to get started. There is a desperate need to help these children. We are, in a very small way, doing our part to help an innocent child who deserves a better life.