Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happenings around LBF this Fall

Lucy- born this summer. She has a star on her forehead that looks like Florida.
Diego and Lucas-born this summer. Both handsome little boys.

New gravel around the driveway-very much needed. 7 truck loads didn't even cover it all!!

The kids and the little dogs taking a break from work, soaking up the sun.
Jasper and Cassie, respectively, taking a little snooze out of the wind.


Tiff said...

I LOVE the kids in the tractor thingy (yes, I know Gordon;s going to give me a hard time for not knowing the name. Scoop? Bucket? Whatever!) GREAT pictures!!

Papa said...

The pictures are great. The gravel looks very good and of course Grammy and I love the picture of the kids. Thanks for sharing these.