Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Greatest Slacker Ever!!!

Well, left to her own devices, my wife has chosen to ignore her blog, and all of the followers of it, for way too long now. I have sat back and waited, made comments, and even tried guilting her into updating it..... but all to no avail. So, although I am NOT the Farmer's Wife, I am the Farmer here at Little Bearfoot Farm. And as such, I am taking it upon myself to at least post this one blog in the month of December.... simply to say to all of you who have been waiting and wondering what has happened.....

Merry Christmas (already past), and a very Happy New Year!!!!! :-)

May you all find this blog site to be current and updated regularly during 2010.



Tiff said...

Hi, Gordon!!! Nice post. Are you going to be a regular blogger around here?!? ;)

(BTW, your wife is not a slacker. I'll smack you for that one next time I see you...) LOL!!

Snow Mommy said...

Let me think, slacking on the blog or taking care of your kids, animals, house, laundry.........

We do miss her updates, but understand how busy the holidays are.

Be nice to your wife!!!!


Peggy said...

I was getting ready to call in a coordinated search and rescue between OSP and WSP to locate Tracie. I thought for sure she must have gotten lost somewhere between Portland and Bellingham on the trip back home. Thank you Farmer Gordon for giving CPR to Tracie's blog. I look forward to 2010 with more entertainment and news from the Farmer's wife.

Love and warm wishes to you, Tracie, and the wee ones!