Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rollerskating Princess

Yesterday was President's Day. The kids didn't have school, Gordon wasn't at work, and Grammy and Papa are here for a couple more days. We decided to go rollerskating in Lynden. Or should I say Gordon, Evan and Sierra rollerskated while Papa, Grammy and I sat out and watched. I love to rollerskate, but my legs and feet hurt from my workout that morning, so I decided not to skate. During general skate time, they always have a time for The Hokey Pokey, The Limbo, Boy's speed skating, Girl's speed skating, The Dice Game, and any other fun things to do on rollerskates.
Sierra decided to get in line for the Limbo. It started out with about 30-40 kids. By the time they were down to the last three rungs, it was only about 6 kids. Sierra went right thru and didn't touch the pole. All of the others knocked the pole down, so Sierra ended up winning. She got a "skate dollar" to spend at the store. I believe she ended up buying sour cherry candies and a grape flavored lip gloss. Here is her victory win!!!


Stephana said...

YEAH for Sierra!! That's awesome :)