Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happenings around LBF this Fall

Lucy- born this summer. She has a star on her forehead that looks like Florida.
Diego and Lucas-born this summer. Both handsome little boys.

New gravel around the driveway-very much needed. 7 truck loads didn't even cover it all!!

The kids and the little dogs taking a break from work, soaking up the sun.
Jasper and Cassie, respectively, taking a little snooze out of the wind.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wind storm-November '09

Yesterday and last night we had a great wind storm. Of course, we weren't quite prepared for it yet and this is what we ended up with this morning.
It could have been worse; thank goodness it wasn't!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My new oven/stove

It was not in our plan to buy a new range, but our oven has been out for close to a month. Before that, we just kept trying to fix it. It definitely needed to be replaced, but we waited until it completely died before we gave in. We went to Sears just to look at a cheap replacement, but the salesman had a better idea. He had a special order that ended up getting cancelled. So we took a look. We ended up getting an $1100.00 range for over 50% off. It is a kitchenaid, with glass top 4 burners, a warming burner, oven and convection oven. It is nice!! It doesn't completely go in our yucky kitchen, but it sure is beautiful!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

My Halloween-ers

We had a great Halloween this year. Almost every year, Gordon ends up working on Halloween and the kids and I go to Noah Night at Christ Fellowship Church in Nooksack. It is a big carnival inside the gym where the kids can run around and get candy at the different games and it is all safe, warm and inside. This year, Gordon was home and Uncle Brad was here to have a good time with us. We started off our evening by getting dressed up and going to The Nuthouse for dinner. Then we went across the street to a small neighborhood and went door-t0-door. It was a beautiful evening. Not too cold. A great night for a walk around a neighborhood. The kids had a blast running from house to house and we saw a lot of other trick-or-treaters. After that, our evening was topped off with a surprise visit from Grandma and Grandpa. They were in Seattle with my sister Chris, waiting to see if my brother-in-law Tim was going to have surgery that day. The surgery got postponed until this Tuesday, so they drove up to see all the grandkids. It was a great evening and the kids had a blast.

My beautiful, royal princess......
My all-star athlete, football player.....