Monday, March 9, 2009

Action packed weekend

We had an amazingly fun weekend. I am still not feeling well, Evan is still not feeling well, and Sierra has a runny nose still, but we decided that we were tired of looking at the inside walls of our house. The kids had mid-winter break this last Thursday and Friday, so we had a nice four day weekend. Thursday was spent at home recouping from the week. Friday Gordon worked and the kids went to Jacob and Anna's house to play. I had a day to myself.
Saturday morning, Gordon got home from work and we made a big breakfast together. Pancakes, bacon and eggs. Yum! After that we tended all the chores so we could get started with our fun time. Around 2pm, we left to go into Bellingham to the movie theater. We went to see the movie, "Hotel For Dogs". It was a really great movie. I encourage you all to take your kids to see it. Of course, who could go to a movie without sodas and a huge tub of buttery, salty, re-fillable popcorn? Yep, chow time!!! I am not a fan of popcorn, but there is something about movie popcorn that makes me eat a few handfuls. I was sure that with the amount of popcorn the kids ate, they would have stomach aches and want to go home after the movie, but No, they were ready to go to Olive Garden for a yummy, fun dinner. We over-ate and enjoyed every second of it!! On the way home that evening, we stopped at Rite-Aide to grab some Claritin to see if that stops my headaches. After that, it was homeward bound. We took care of animals and just had a relaxing evening after Gordon and I went around the house and switched all the clocks forward. We finally went to bed around 11 (which to us felt like 10).
Sunday morning we got up and got ready for church. After church we went to Subway (eat fresh) and then to the bowling alley. That was a blast. The kids are really starting to like bowling and they are both pretty good at it. I even did good and got a few spares and a strike! (Yay me!!) When we got home, I decided to go clean the vet building early so I could be home at bedtime. Gordon and the kids decided to go with me and help out. I enjoyed having them with me, but with their help, we got done faster and that means less time on the paycheck. So, I thanked them for their help and told them that I would continue to do it on my own from now on. Sierra really liked talking to Petri, the gray parrot. He likes to say hello and his name. She thought that was pretty cool. (BTW, Gordon is a very good mopper.)
We came home and made dinner, helped Evan with all of his homework and then got the kids ready for bed.
I didn't stay up much past 9pm. I am still trying to get rid of this cold, plus losing an hour and having a busy weekend. It wore me out.
Today.....more studying!!!


Snowmommy said...

Tell Gordon I have a floor that needs mopping!

Tracie said...

Holly, I'll do it gladly, as long as you have the right kind of has to be a rag-style mop and mop bucket. :-)