Monday, March 23, 2009

My soccer boy!

Saturday, soccer season started again. Evan loves soccer and is extremely good at it. He loves to be on a team with his best friend, Jacob. They play off of each other really good. This is a very rare picture. Evan hates playing goalie because it is boring. He would much rather be offense. Isn't he just the cutest?Here is another picture of him just before they started to warm up. It was cool and breezy.


Love my babes said...

Yes, he is very cute. We are in soccer chaos right now too but isn't it fun?

Uncle Brad said...

Hey Evan!! Get a hair cut!!!

Uncle Brad

Betty said...

He is cute. Tell Uncle Brad to leave his hair alone.I don't know much about soccer,but he looks like he really enjoys it
~~ Betty~~

Uncle Brad said...

Okay. He doesn't have to get a hair cut.

Way to go Evan, I hear you scored a few goals. Nice work buddy.