Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eggs, Eggs, anybody want some eggs?

I have extremely happy chickens. I should say; very, very, very, happy chickens. How do I know that my chickens are happy? They are laying lots and lots of eggs!! This is a picture of three days worth of collecting eggs. I hadn't had a chance to clean them yet, so when I got the time, I figured I would see how many I had. This is 124 farm fresh eggs, all produced in three days! Notice the little tiny one in the corner. That is from a pullet (a young chicken just starting to lay).

Tell all of your friends and family-we sell our eggs for $3.00/dozen, and sometimes I even deliver Baby


Uncle Brad said...

I would love a couple dozen. Would you please deliver those to me sometime next week?

Uncle Brad

Peggy said...

After Brad gets his we will take 2 dozen! You will become quite the traveling egg woman :)