Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Petri dish

I am sick. I am coughing, I have no energy, I want to sleep, I feel yucky. I need a blankie and a good book and the couch.

Evan has been working on a cough/cold for a week or so now. This weekend when all the family came up from Portland, he ran a fever of 102. Now, I have it, Gordon has it, Grandma has it, Aunt Sherri has it, and Sierra has a yucky runny nose.

My children are little petri dishes. They bring home every germ and spread it around for everyone else to get. I don't like feeling sick, and I don't like having things to do when I feel sick.

Yes, I am whining. And no, I do not want any cheese with my whine! I am grouchy and proud of it!!!

Little petri dishes.....!!!!


Tracie said...

And you love your little petri dishes with all of your heart, all of your might, and all of your soul.....