Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day? or birthday?

Yesterday started out as a hurried, fast-paced rush to get everyone ready to head off to church. After church, brunch at Homestead Golf Course (if you have never been there for brunch, I encourage everyone to try it out. It is amazing!), after brunch, home for a relaxing Father's Day hanging out around the camp fire and ending the evening with roasting hot dogs and brats over the fire.


Instead, we noticed that one of our pregnant heifers was not with the rest of the group so we took off into the woods to go and find her. She was all alone in the corner of the woods. That is not a usual thing with cows. They like to be together in groups. We watched her for awhile and noticed that she looked to be uncomfortable. Since she is a first-time mommy, we decided to forgo church and watch her for a while. Sure enough, she was in labor! Two hours later, we had a beautiful black angus bull. He was born at 12:35.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, GORDON- I was going to get you a flame thrower, but how about a calf instead?

Everyone, I would like you to meet Lucas, our Black Angus bull (soon to be steer).


Tracie said...

YAY!!! I love my Father's Day gift this year!!! Thank you so very much. :-)

That was a great day!!!


Betty said...

Now that is a very special gift and he is so cute.

Betty said...

Tracie the market is downtown every saturday from 10-5 at the end of railroad ave in the new market building.Maybe I will see you there.