Thursday, June 25, 2009

Save the blueberries!!!

Every year Gordon's parent, Aunt and Grandpa come to visit in June. Aunt Jan and Grandpa only stay for a couple of weeks and when it is time for them to go home, Papa drives their motorhome back to Portland for them and then takes the train back up to Bellingham. For the last few years the kids have gone with him so that they can ride on the train. So, on Tuesday the headed off to Portland, spent the night hot-tubbing and watching movies with Papa, and riding the bikes that Grammy and Papa have at their house. Wednesday morning they got up and hot-tubbed again and then headed out to breakfast at Marie Callendar's. Sierra ordered a chocolate muffin and a bowl of blueberries. I heard that they were beautiful, big blueberries and she couldn't eat them all. Evan decided to bring some home to Daddy, because Daddy LOVES blueberries. Papa loaded the chocolate muffin and the blueberries into a t0-go muffin tin and they headed off.
On the way up to Jan's, some of the blueberries spilled out of the tin and got squished. Evan was adamant about taking the blueberries to Daddy so, he picked out the 5 that were still in good shape and put them back in the muffin tin.
Once on the train they checked the blueberries again and Sierra and Evan decided to try a couple. They weren't that good, but there was one good one left. The lone blueberry, making a 300 mile journey, from restaurant to vehicle to train, just to please Daddy.
Anyways, about 15 minutes or so from Bellingham, Evan went to check on the lone blueberry and it popped out of the tin and rolled under the seats. Evan couldn't believe it. He looked at Papa and said, "I just lost the last blueberry. It rolled under the seats." Sierra was so concerned, she got down on her belly and looked under the seats trying to find the blueberry. After all, she was planning on using the 10 second rule. But, the blueberry was not to be found.
They had a good laugh over the travels of the blueberry, and then again when they told us the story on the way home from the train station.

"Farewell, lone blueberry. We hope you had a safe journey into Canada, and wherever else you roam."

"Parting is such sweet sorrow...."

"I'm so blue, yes I'm blue....."


Tiff said...

I can just see them, so concerned and singing "I'm so blue!" Hilarious!

Tracie said...

I love that Evan thought of me like that, and worked so hard to get those blueberries home to me. Makes my heart go pitter patter!!! :-)


Stephana said...

very sweet they thought of their dad!!!