Monday, June 8, 2009

sandwich-yummy? or not?

Yesterday I was busy cleaning and forgot to feed Sierra her lunch. She decided that she would make herself a sandwich. She does this often. Peanut butter and honey. Easy to make, easy to clean up. She was bored with the same old sandwich, so she "concocted" a new one. She told me, "Mom, this one is going to be delicious, fabulous."
I told her that if she made a "special" sandwich, she had to eat it. She was ok with that.
Here is how it went....
Take two pieces of bread and spray them with spray butter.
Then add two slices of processed american cheese. Spray a little more butter, add honey. When mom isn't looking, grab garlic salt and add. Yup, I said garlic salt! Then spread it all around and dig in!

Sierra took one bite, made a horrible face, and said,

"Oh, mom, I am a Terrible cook!!!"

Needless to say, I didn't make her eat it all.


Snow Mommy said...

LOL! Way to go Sierra. Sounds like you need to come to my house for cooking lessons!

Love my babes said...

Good call mom. Very cute. My Ian made me one of his special sandwichs it was 2 pieces of bread, mayo, ketchup and mustard. And I mean heavy on the mustard, ketchup and mayo. And then he stands there waiting for me to eat his yummy sandwich. I had to tell him it would be a minute coz i think I would have puked if i had to eat it. LOVE

Betty said...

Good job on the sandwich Sierra except for the garlic salt.
My favorite one is peanut butter.mayonnaise and dill pickles.