Friday, June 19, 2009


Last night was Evan's motocross night again. This year he is on a bigger, faster bike. He has been practicing really hard and getting better and better. He has raced 5 times this year. The first three he came in 4th, fourth race he came in 3rd, and last night he came in 2nd. He raced so well and did a great job controlling his bike. He improves every week and it is exciting, nerve-racking, and great fun to watch him race.
If anyone wants a loud, but fun evening out, come to Hannegan Speedway on Thursday evenings. Practices start at 4, racing begins at 5:30. Evan is in race #5, my nephew Carson is in race #3. It costs $8.00 per adult to get in, $7.00 per kid over 5.
Hope to see you there!!!!

Way to go Evan!!! You are AWESOME!!!!!


Stephana said...

woohoo, sounds like he's only going to get better & better!

Tracie said...

Oh is daddy ever proud of his little buddy!!! What a great show he put on for all of his fans int he crowd, and what a great job of racing he did.

The smile on his face and the thumbs up he gave me when I ran over to meet him after the race..... priceless!!! :-)