Friday, June 19, 2009

Girls annual tea party

Last year we started a tradition. When Grammy and Papa come up for the month of June, the girls have a tea party. Great Grandpa and Aunt Jan also come up around Father's Day, so our tea party consists of me, Sierra, Grammy, Aunt Jan and Aimee (Aunt Jan's cat). Last year we had a pink theme. This year we went with blue. It was a fun time and conversation was hilarious. Sierra mentioned testicles from the pool (she meant chemicals). Evan was our photographer for the event. Pictures turned out a little dark, but ok. We had tea (hot chocolate), blueberries (blue cereal) and cookies with blue M&M's. It was a fun time again this year.
Our conversation always starts out:
"did you hear the news?" and we go on from there. Our news this year consisted of Papa going to the woods, Grammy throwing Faith's duck in the pool, our dinner plans for the evening, and taking left over cookies to Great Grandpa.
Who knows? Next year's theme could be.......?


Tracie said...


What a great tradition!!!

I am sorry I missed being here for it this year as the photographer.... but Evan did a good job.

Hey, did ya hear the news???.......