Saturday, September 26, 2009


Today is Sierra's 6th birthday. I remember the day we got a call that we had a baby girl waiting for us to pick up. After a long pregnancy with a birthmom, we went to the hospital to endure hours of labor in the waiting room. Finally in the middle of the night, a baby boy was presented to us. We held him, took pictures of him, called him by the name we had picked out for him, and then left the hospital to get some sleep. The next morning, the birthmom changed her mind and decided to parent her child. It was heartbreaking, but we actually expected it by her actions and words throughout the pregnancy. We headed off to Portland to go hunting with family. The day before we left, we got a call that another birthmom had given birth to a healthy baby girl and she wanted us to parent her child. WE WERE THRILLED!!! We postponed our hunting trip to travel up and get our new daughter. She has been a joy in our lives ever since.

This is a picture of her when she was around 6 months old. This smile and light in her eyes shows you what an amazing, happy little girl she is. Sierra is talented, happy, loving, and goofy all at the same time.
This is her at her first dance recital.
We love you baby girl!!!!! Have a great birthday. You are a joy to us and bring light into our lives!!


Snow Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Sierra! Your birth story has touched many lives, we love you!

Betty said...

Happy Birthday Sierra. I am happy to share birthdays with you.Today is my birthday too.
Have a wonderful day.

Renae said...

Tracy I still remember this day like it was yesterday! I will never forget the excitment in your voice and eyes when you came and told us all you were not just going to get your child but your DAUGHTER!!! Happy Birthday sweet Miss. Sierra!!!

Papa said...

Sierra, What a joy you are to your Grammy & Papa. You have been so special since that first day that your Mom and Dad brought you to our hunting camp. We set you on the table at dinner time all bundled up against the cold and Just loved looking at you. Happy 6th Birthday to Papa's Pumpkin and Grammy's seesee.