Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sierra- - -my big girl!!!

Today was Sierra's first day of Kindergarten. She has been sooo excited to get to her new class. We laid out an outfit last night for her to wear, brushed her hair so it wouldn't get all tangled in the middle of the night, and got to bed at 8:00pm. She woke up ready to go!! She was excited to have a lunch in her new lunch bag, and couldn't believe that she got to ride the bus! I met her at the school and took a few pictures. The first is talking to Daddy on the way to the bus shelter; next, in the bus shelter; getting on the bus; at school; in her classroom. Yeah!! My big girl is growing up! How fun.


Snow Mommy said...

Yay Sierra! We are so proud of you! Have fun in kindergarten!

Papa said...

Papa's Pumpkin is growing up so fast. I was so excited for her yesterday. When I called ans talked with her last night she said she had a great time ad that Evan had taken good care of her on her first day. She was so surprised that at recess Evan had run right up to her and asked her how her day was going. Good job Evan. Love to my Grnad kids and their wonderful parents.

Tiff said...

She looks so proud! And how did Mama do with the last little eagle out of the nest?