Friday, January 15, 2010


So, today I am having a great hair day. I have been fighting with my hair for a long time now, and it actually looks great today. Problem is, Gordon is at work, Brad is at work, and the kids have school. There is no one here to share my great hair day with!!! What is up with that?!?!?!?

So, I decided before Evan and Sierra left for school, I would have Evan take a picture of my hair. Ok, don't look at me, just my hair. It's not like it is a great picture of me, but check out the hair!! Yeah!

Yes, I am a sad, weird gal who is enjoying her hair today. The things that make a person happy!! Jeesh.


Uncle Brad said...

Very nice. Nice to see you blogging again too. :-)

Snow Mommy said...

I hate when that happens! Enjoy your good hair day!

Jenn Roosma said...

Nice! I am going to bring you some product that I use every day in my hair. It helps to keep the frizz out:). I always have to laugh when I go to bed with wet hair and wake up in the morning with one side sticking straight up. I look in the mirror and say "yep, my husband loves me!" :).

Papa said...

Hey, I thought it was going to be a purple Mohawk or something. It does look great.

I could send you a picture of my good hair day but that was back in 1975 when I had hair.

Stephana said...

Very nice & I will try to get you some product soon too!!