Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Busy-ness and saying goodbye

It has been crazy busy around here trying to get all the puppies ready to go to their new homes. Last week, we sent green ribbon girl (Blondie), to the airport to fly to her new home in Texas. That same day, Diann came and got her two puppies (purple ribbon girl and red ribbon boy). That left just 4. The next morning we headed off to Portland to deliver two more puppies to their new homes. Orange ribbon boy (Wrigley) went to our awesome friends Albert and Julie. We are going to show Wrigley and use him as a stud dog later on. He is absolutely gorgeous!!! Blue ribbon boy (Zues) went to Ty and Christina. We went to high school with Christina and her and Gordon reconnected through Facebook. She saw our puppies and decided she wanted one. So, they both went to Portland. We spent the weekend with family and had a mini-vacation from home and returned on Monday afternoon. Tomorrow, we are taking pink ribbon girl (Faith) to meet her new parents, Rick and JoAnn, at the Twassen ferry terminal. They actually live on Vancouver Island, but are taking the ferry across to meet us. That leaves yellow ribbon girl. She doesn't have a new family yet. We are in the process of finding someone who will love her forever. Know of anyone who wants a beautiful yellow lab girl to love?
With the puppies almost gone, it is now time to do a little spring cleaning around here. I think we might have to call in the big guns and rent a dumpster!!! My kids like to collect things. It is time to go through their bedrooms and throw away the broken things. Anybody wanna help?


Papa said...

Help is on the way. We will be there in a week. Looking forward to spening some time with you guys up on LBF.