Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Attack of the pack rats!!!

Ok, so not really an attack of the pack rats; more of attacking the pack rats! Today, Gordon and I have decided to start tackling the job of cleaning out the office/craft room. I am a pack rat. I admit it! It isn't so much that I keep a ton of craft stuff. More like I didn't have enough storage room and bins to put it all in so it just gets thrown around my craft room. Gordon and our friend Greg built shelves in the closet at the beginning of summer 08. I just haven't gotten around to doing any clean up yet because there were so many other important things to do. Like swim in the pool with the kids, play with farm animals, gardening, and lots of other things that sound way more fun than cleaning and organizing.
Anyway, today became the day. We have been working since this morning and are making good headway. I also am dealing with an upset stomach, so it is making it go slower than normal. I sure hope I don't get the stomach flu. It has been going around. I think I am done for today, but tomorrow we will be doing more of the same until we get it done.
Wish me luck!!
BTW, if anyone wants to come and help, my door is always open!