Thursday, January 29, 2009

The birds and the bees...or is it termites?

Today, I went to the breeders to pick up Faith. It was an interesting and very educational trip. The plan was that I would come over, help her do another breeding on Faith, and then be able to bring Faith home. Our breeder does most of her breedings by artificial insemination.
NOTE TO ALL READERS: This might get a little detailed about breeding. Read with caution.

So, we bring the male in the room with Faith. He was really excited to see her. We let him get a little frisky with her and then when he mounts her, the breeder basically uses a plastic vagina to get the specimen. When that is done, I held Faith while she injects the semen into her cervix. Why do we do it this way? Let me explain: When dogs breed the natural way you only get about 20% of the semen to get to the cervix. By artificial insemination, you get the full 100%. So, that being done, we took the very last droplet of semen and put it under the microscope to see the motility of the sperm. It was incredible! There were thousands of them, and that was just in one tiny droplet!!
Anyways, the breeder insisted that I bring her microscope home and show the kids. She said it would be so educational for them. I didn't really think my kids would be interested, but I brought it home anyways.
Sierra was very interested, so I let her see and then explained what she was looking at. Here is our conversation:

Sierra-What is that?
Me-Those are little fishy like things that boys have in their bodies to help make babies.
Sierra-THOSE are babies?
Me-No, not yet. They have to go into the mommy's tummy and the mommy has eggs that the fishy things meet. Then they make a baby together.
Sierra-The mom lays eggs?
Me-No, the fishy things and the eggs meet and touch and then they make babies. The fishy things are like tadpoles.
Sierra-Oh, can I see again?
Me-Yes, does this make sense?
Sierra-No, but I see the termites in the picture!!!
Grammy asnwers because mommy is laughing too hard!
Grammy-No, Sierra not termites; tadpoles.

Papa comes in and Sierra tells him that she is looking in the picture thingy and she sees termites!!

Oh brother! I knew I should have just not shown her the sperm!!!


Snowmommy said...

You gotta love that blonde!

Tracie said...

OK, that is just awesome!!! LOL :-)

I really didn't think we would start teaching our kids about the birds and the bees quite this young, but hey, better us now than the wrong person or people later!!!

Too funny!!! :-)


Tiff said...

Very funny! I can just imagine what she will share about the experience at show-and-tell at school. HeeHee!