Wednesday, January 14, 2009

From cuddles to YUCK!! EWW!!

So, my last post was so sweet. Getting to cuddle Drew. Now I am posting about the opposite. This evening after dinner I went out to do farm chores in the dark. The dogs came with me and started going crazy. They had something cornered in the dark by the garage. I couldn't see what it was so I ran to grab a flashlight. When I turned the light in the direction of the dark, this big, ugly, yucky thing was staring at me. I freaked out, grabbed the shovel and started whacking away. Of course, I was yelling my Kung-Fu Panda yell the whole time. High-ya, ya...die, sucker, die...
I killed it and had to take a few pictures to prove to Gordon that I am a tough cookie. (like he doesn't already know that.) Anyways, I won't post the picture. It is ugly!! I don't know what it is for sure, but I plan to ask around and find out!! I want braggin' rights to this kill!


Love my babes said...

You are tough and I am a wimp. You deserve a crown w/sparkles and stones for your kill. I would make you one but it might take a bit to get there;o)

Tracie said...

I'm thinkin that it very well may have been an oversized and well fed rat!!!

Glad you took care of it, for sure!!!

That's my girl :-)