Monday, January 26, 2009

When good intentions go wrong

Today has been a busy but fun day. Sierra had school so Grammy and I took her and then we went to the grocery store. Papa and Evan stayed at home to work on Evan's racecar track. After school, we got lunch provided to us thanks to Sierra's teachers. They put together a salad bar lunch for us moms. It was great. When we got home, Papa and Evan decided we needed to go into town to look for more cars for the racetrack. We went to a bunch of different places and were told we needed to order them online. Feeling a little discouraged, we made our way over to Cold Stone to drown our sorrows in ice cream.
We were almost home when we looked over at our neighbors and saw one of the new cows in their llama field. Whoops! Papa and I got our boots on and went to try and coax him back to our pasture. Our neighbor was just coming home when we got to her back pasture. We went into the llama pen, but the llamas didn't like that very much. Finally the neighbor came out and told us they were just curious, but wouldn't hurt us. Their biggest male, Cowboy, came over to me and put his lips on my forehead to sniff me. It was very creepy! Finally, Papa, the neighbor and I got the cow corraled into a little pen. Papa went to get the trailer so we could load him up and get him home. Oh no, he didn't want to do that, so he jumped thru the neighbors fence and started going away from our field. Great! I was hoofin it thru the fields chasing this cow, who by now I have dubbed with the name BH (butt-head), towards neighbors that I have never met. Of course they aren't home, but their 130 lb Rottweiller was!! Yikes, was I going to become Rotty food? Luckily, the dog was more interested in chasing the cow and trying to herd it for me. No, doggie, don't chase it down the driveway towards the road! Oh crap, now what? How do I get between it and the road when it is about 10 feet ahead of me and it starts to run? I know-call Grammy and ask her to jump in the car and come and block the driveway! I finally get the cow to go towards another neighbors driveway. Grammy blocked of the road and the neighbors were home so they came out and helped me. We got the cow into their front pasture! Yes! We are home free now! About this time, Papa shows up with the trailer and the cow decides to jump thru this fence. Grammy drives up the road, honking her horn, yelling out the window-Yaw, Yaw, go back, go back!! She literally ran the cow back up the road, driving along side it and yelling. It was hilarious!! The cow came back up the driveway, back into the fenced in pen and we got the hot fence on in time. The cow did try a few times more to get out, but it started getting a really good shock. This hot fence was really hot.
By this time, I have been chasing this cow for about an hour all thru the fields and woods. I am really exhausted! We drive back to our house to get hay for the cow and leave it at the neighbors. My thought is, I have done enough! Gordon gets to deal with this cow when he gets home tomorrow!!
Papa and I went out and fixed the fence that the cow went thru at our place, fed the rest of the animals, took out garbage and recycle, and headed inside for a nice warm dinner. Now it is time for bed. My legs still feel like rubber from walking so much thru the fields.
Can you believe that when I talked to Gordon on the phone later he actually asked me if I have come up with names for the four new cows? Only for the black one that I chased all over...$%@#$%#$%*&!!!!!


Tracie said...

Ahhhhhh, yes.......

This is some good stuff right here!!! I am just loving the visual I am getting as I read along.


I love you!


Snowmommy said...

I wish I had a video of that! Especially of Grammy driving down the road yelling at the cow!