Sunday, January 18, 2009

This is Cheyannie! (They dont know that I wrote this....shhh!)

Let's start out with a little "about me". I am Cheyanne. I am Tracie and Gordon's FAVORITE niece. Haha just kidding. But they do love me :] I am 14 years old and I enjoy long walks on the beach, taking long bubble baths, getting caught in the rain, and most importantly making everyone laugh. (By now you should have figured out that that was a joke.) But really I love to make everyone laugh and enjoy life as much as possible. So I am not here to tell you about me, I am here to tell you about how much I love my aunt and uncle. Or as Tracie would call it "sucking up" ;]

Uncle G is the most comfy guy to sit in a chair with. I like to sit on him in his favorite chair and bug him. Hahahaha Uncle G is a very funny dude and is a very inspirational person. I LOVE YOU MAN!!! (english cucumber)

Tracie....well.....I don't know what to say. Just Kidding! I love baking cookies with you, oh wait I bake the cookies while you read your Hobby Farms magazines. And I love every minute of it :] <------- that was not sucking up Auntie Tracie!! I love doing nails and massaging your feet <---- now that was sucking up. It basically comes down to I LOVE MY AUNTIE TRACIE!!

This truely was posted by Cheyanne. I can prove it because they couldn't think of something this funny.

-Konrad (Cheyanne)


Snowmommy said...

Cheyanne, you crack me up!