Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can you believe it? I think I need an award!!!

Ok, so most of you know that I have a terrible addiction to Diet Coke. I wake up in the morning and drink one, usually have another before lunch, another at lunch, another after lunch, one with dinner and possibly one in the evening. Yes, I do know how bad it is for me and I also know that most of you are probably thinking "how in the world can anyone drink so much soda in a day?" Well, diet coke to me is like coffee is to most others. It is a total addiction!!!!
The past two weeks I have been working really hard at reducing the number of sodas I have. I got down to about three a day and was feeling really good about myself. Today, I decided that I needed to see how long I could go without one. So, I woke up, drank water, lots of water. Got a huge headache that has lasted most of the day. Withdrawals? Yes, I think so.
Around 2pm I could barely stand it. My head hurt so bad, I almost caved in. But then Gordon suggested having a cup of coffee with creamer in it to get rid of the caffeine withdrawal head-ache. I don't do coffee!! Yuck! But I wanted to try it instead of caving in, so I put a cup of coffee together, got it luke warmish (I don't like really hot drinks), and then I chugged it. I wanted the head-ache to disappear. The coffee wasn't all that bad, but it was by no means great, either. The head-ache lessened, but didn't go away. At least it was tolerable. I am going to have a soda tonight. Gordon is so proud of me for sticking to my guns and not drinking soda all day, but he also doesn't want me to relapse. Hence, the soda tonight! I am like a kid on Christmas morning! I can't wait to open that shiny, cylindrical shaped present to get to what is inside!!!!
Tomorrow is another day. I will do it again. Maybe in a week or so, I won't think about my diet soda every waking second!!!!


Snowmommy said...

You do deserve an award! I'm proud of you!!!

Papa said...

I'm proud of you also. Maybe you will be a good influence for Grammy. She has the same addiction but worse I think.

Tiff said...

Yay! I am proud of you as well. Soda rehab is hard work!

Uncle Brad said...

Congrats on that. keep up the hard work.

Love my babes said...

Congrats I know from personal experience it is hard to resist the fizzy yumminess of that favorite soda. I quit cold turkey from my fave Wild Cherry Pepsi and did really good but now get one when I have had a hard day or am at the store. I need to quit cold turkey again. Best of Luck I know you can do it:o)