Sunday, May 31, 2009


In response to my friend, Betty, whom I have never met, but love dearly through my blog, yes I sell eggs. We have farm fresh brown and green eggs that we sell for $3.00/dozen. I deliver eggs once a week to my dentist office in Bham. I never know for sure what day, but it is usually Mon-Wed. I can always put you on a list for delivery and meet up with you somewhere close to the dentist office. I don't want to start delivering eggs all over Bham or I will have to raise prices to include some gas money. But I will definitely deliver close to my dentist office. It is Meridian Dental on the Guide Meridian, across from the Country Club. Let me know Betty, if you would like to start getting some from me.


Betty said...

Fresh eggs are the best. I would like to have about 4 doz a month. I have never tried green eggs but if I can get some green ham to have with them they might be very good.(LOL)