Monday, May 4, 2009

My weekend

As I mentioned on Friday morning, really early, myself, Sierra, Chris, Jessica, Cheyanne and Carson all drove down to Portland to say goodbye to a dying uncle. He came all the way from Minnesota because he wanted to say goodbye to his family that lives out this way. We got down to Portland about 11am on Friday and went to my aunt's house around 5pm for a little family get-together. This is a picture of my uncle Burt and aunt Dorothy. Burt is a tiny little guy and this illness has made him even smaller. His back is bent, his hand is all gnarled, and he is missing his right arm due to disease. He has endured a lot, and he still is happy and smiling and was very grateful to see all of us.

This is a picture of my sister's and I. Me, Sherri and Chris. It's not a bad picture for 3 ugly ducks!!

Now I am back home trying to make some sense out of this pig sty that is my house, due to leaving the two "guys" home alone for 48 hours!!


Snow Mommy said...

That's a great picture of you and your sisters, a rare one too!