Sunday, May 31, 2009

Girl's night out...

Gordon and Evan went to Seattle for the Seattle Sounders soccer game yesterday, so Sierra and I decided to have a girl's night out. We started out our afternoon with a little shopping. We went to Michael's, where I spent my $25 gift card, plus a little extra. I am planning on making special stones to remember our dogs that we have lost in the past, so I bought pretty glass and things to use for that. Plus, Sierra and I found fun blue hats to decorate for our tea party with Grammy and Aunt Jan this next month. Last year we had a pink theme, this year we are going with blue.
After Michael's, we went to the mall. I am not a mall shopper, but it was ok this time because I was very specific as to where I wanted to go. We started out at Kohl's, looking for bathing suits for Sierra. She has outgrown her ones from last year. Nothing exciting in Kohl's, so we headed out to Old Navy. I know, I said I would never shop there again after the snotty attitudes of the workers, but they usually have good deals on bathing suits. I was amazed that they had NOTHING!! I mean, NOTHING!! A couple of ugly suits for Sierra's size, but other than that, everything else was for little kids, or teens. So, we went and bought our tickets to the movie we were going to see and then headed down to Target. Finally, we found some cute suits. Of course, Sierra zoned in on the ugliest one. I had to convince her not to pick that one without hurting her feelings or thinking that she has bad taste. Anyways, after about 10 minutes of talking it through, we finally settled on two cute ones. She already has such strong opinions about her style, I think I might be in trouble when she gets older!!! Good thing I can convince Auntie Sherri to take her shopping!
Finally we went to see the movie. "UP" was entertaining, hilarious, and a very sweet love story for a Disney Pixar movie. I recommend it to all! I plan on seeing it again with Gordon and Evan sometime. The short movie before hand that Pixar always does was GREAT!! One of the best I have ever seen.
After the movie got out, it was close to 7pm. Sierra wanted to go to Applebee's for dinner. I agreed and off we went. After we got our food and started to eat, I remembered that I was driving the Honda, not my Suburban. Then I started to panic a little. The Honda doesn't have working head lights. If you turn on the lights, smoke starts to pour out of the steering column. Yikes, hurry up girl! Eat your food! We were eating and laughing an all of a sudden, Sierra spurts out, "hey mom, why are your boobs sitting on the table?" Of course, our waiter (male) was just walking up to our table. Instead, he tried to contain his laughter and turned around and walked away. He didn't come back for almost 10 minutes. I could have died!!! Thanks a lot Sierra!
We finally made it home about 8:30pm. It was just getting dusky, so we just barely made it. I did farm chores and watered flowers while Sierra played on the playground with the dogs, then we went in to take a nice bath and paint our toenails. Let's just say that we ended up painting our toenails around 11:30pm or so and didn't turn off the light until 1am. Sierra fell right to sleep, but I kept looking at the clock. I think the last time I looked it was 2ish.
The good news is.....I slept in until 10:30am today! Yes!!!!! I feel good.


Betty said...

I love mother and daughter days,even now when my oldest daughter came over fron Spokane for a week it was Dirty Dan Harris days in Fairhaven we had a blast.

PS. I will try to find a fairly decent picture of me to put on my blog.
Pss Do you still sell eggs?

Papa said...

Sounds like you two girls had a ball. I would like to see that movie also. Is the pool almost ready to go??? Can't wait to see the swim suits and our hat's.

Luvr, Luvr, you


Stephana said...

hahahahahahahahahahahaha.....I'm sorry I can't stop giggling about the boobs!!!