Sunday, May 17, 2009

Redneck BBQ

Last night we decided to BBQ a marinated turkey breast for dinner and then have a family camp fire. While BBQing, Gordon decided to sit and enjoy the sun and the kids playing in the back yard. It must have got too relaxing, because before you know it, he took a little "eye rest". Good thing I woke him up to check on the turkey!!!

The camp fire was very enjoyable. Of course, since it was just us four, the kids decided it would be more fun to play than to sit with us "old folk", so Gordon and I (and the dogs) sat around the fire while the kids used up a lot of energy playing around us. All in all, a very nice night!!


Uncle Brad said...

Right on. Now that looks comfy.

Tracie said...

Well, life on the farm, it's kinda laid back!!!

LOL :-)