Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My amazing weekend!

Memorial weekend usually is cloudy, gray, and rainy. This year, we had wonderful friends come to visit that have never been here before. We spent the whole weekend outside, enjoying each other and spending quality time with all the kids. Albert and Gordon had a great time working on a couple of my flower beds and being creative with plants, flowers, and rocks. I think Albert is a closet gardener/landscaper. It was great to have someone else's eyes see our place and give us some great advice on what to do with these three flower beds. Don't they look terrific?Julie and I spent a lot of time taking turns holding Jonah, playing with Greta, and joking around with my kids and their oldest daughter, Hailey. It really was one of the most amazing and fun weekends we have had in a long time. The memories will last a life time.


Papa said...

How great is that? We knew you would have a great time and would enjoy each others company. It is always wonderful to spend time with great friends and those flower beds look incredible. We can't wait to see them up close and that is only a couple of weeks away.
Love, Papa

Snow Mommy said...

The flower beds look great!

Stephana said...

wow they look awesome!!!
good job and glad you guys had a great weekend :)

Uncle Brad said...

Very awesome. Nice work. I can't wait to see them with my own eyes on Wednesday.