Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finally, a tree!

Yesterday we got our tree. I already told you all that, but thought I would let you know about our evening getting it decorated.

It was full of snow and we tried dusting it off with the broom, blowing it off with a shop vac, and finally decided to put down a tarp and bring it in to the family room in front of the pellet stove to dry a little. While it was drying, we had a great dinner of creamy wild rice soup with chicken and rolls. YUMMMMMM!!!! After getting cleaned up from dinner, we decided to tackle the tree.

I had mentioned in my last blog about our pastor preaching on expecting the unexpected. Well, that is the theme of our christmas this year. We have a spot in front of our big bay window that we have put the tree for the past three years. We have to rearrange the furniture and it makes it hard for us to watch TV with our chairs all funny. This year Gordon decided to put our tree in front of the other big window by the stairs. Great idea Gord!! We didn't even have to move our chairs.

Gordon and I got it in place, standing upright and we put the lights on it. Now, in the past, Gordon and I have decorated the tree together with the same ornaments we have had for years and years. Since kids, I usually sit on the floor, hand a child an ornament and Gordon helps them place it on the tree so it looks right. This year, what is our theme? That's right! Expect the unexpected! Gordon sat down and let the kids do all the ornaments themselves. The only advice he gave them was to make sure to space them out so that they are on all of the tree and to not put them too low so the dogs get them or they get knocked off. WOW!! I am impressed! Usually Gordon gets very particular about where he wants the ornaments. The kids did a GREAT job and here is the result.

(I know, it probably isn't the best idea to let my kids stand in the window, but hey, expect the unexpected!!!)


Snowmommy said...

Good job kiddos!

Tracie said...

You know, it turned out just fine. I admit, I was really surprised at just how good a job they did. And I actually like the new tree location as well.

Expect the unexpected this year.....and remember that the real reason we celebrate Christmas is so we can sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas morning!