Sunday, December 14, 2008

Never mind

I was just being so loving and thinking of my husband when I wrote the last post about feeling guilty that Gordon was out taking care of the farm and I couldn't help him.

Well, I take it all back! The crazy freak can freeze out there with his chickens. They probably like him more than I do at this point right now.

I was sitting at the dining room table with Evan and Sierra. Evan was reading to me his homework and Sierra was "reading" one of Evan's books. Gordon snuck up the deck and jumped to the window, pounded on it and yelled, "Rawr". I screamed and he walked off laughing his head off.

Not funny, farmer boy!!! Wait til you least expect it!!!!


Snowmommy said...

Oh you crack me up! One minute you feel sorry for him, the next you want him to freeze his jingle bells off!

Love my babes said...

I can totally relate. Donnie thinks it is wonderful to scare the daylights out of me and it doesn't take much to scare me. Crazy guys!

Tracie said...

Hi sweetheart, it's me, Gordon. Umm, is it too late to say sorry? Um, 'cause, like, I really didn't mean to get you....just the kiddos. I thought you saw me before I got to the window.

Must admit, though, your jumping up from the table definitley helped warm me up, from all of the extra laughing I did over the next several minutes!!!

Love you,