Friday, December 5, 2008


Tinkerbell is such a sweet little fairy; mischievous, funny, and always willing to help, right? NOT in my family!!! I would like to tell you about our Tinkerbell.

When our Tinkerbell was just a young gal, she had an unfortunate accident and got her neck caught in a door. Not just any door, but the lid to a cooler. Now, we thought for sure that Tink wouldn't make it for many days after that, but she is alive and well. She does have a few issues though. Her neck was obviously broken when she tangled with the cooler lid and it healed in a funny way. She now cannot extend her neck or move it from side to side. Actually, her head is permanently to the left of her body. She will never be like the others, but she is special to us.

Who the heck is Tinkerbell, you might be asking about now?

Well, here she is...our special girl

Now, most chickens have their necks straight out and can extend them to some degree. Tink can do no more than what she is doing in the picture. If you look closely, you can see her feet pointing in the opposite direction.

We run this farm with love and a knowing that God has given us each and every one of these animals to use for a specific purpose. Our cows are for beef, our pigs are for pork, our goats are for entertainment, and our chickens are for egg production. We don't know for sure if Tink will ever be able to lay eggs. We don't know the extent of her special needs, but we do know that she was given to us with a purpose.

Her purpose is to remind us that life doesn't always go the way that we want it to, but we need to make the most of it and enjoy each and every day. Just like our Tinkerbell.


Tracie said...

Nicely stated! :-)


Snowmommy said...

I would have thought her purpose was entertainment!