Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow-ok, Wind-go away!!

I was actually a little excited when I heard on the news that we could possibly get 4-8 inches of snow today. I love our farm in the snow. It is so pretty to sit inside by the warm fire and look outside at all the prettiness. That changed in a heartbeat---
Since I have been laid up with a back injury and we hadn't completely decided to wait on our remodel project, we decided not to put up our Christmas decorations this year. We did promise the kids a tree, though. Then I got hurt.
Today while the kids were at school, Gordon and I decided to go get a tree. Today is literally the last day that we had available to do this. Gordon works tomorrow and we leave on Friday for Portland.
Ok, a little snow is kind of fun, but then the wind started. We started out in Everson; couldn't find a tree anywhere. We went into Lynden-no trees! We ended up going almost to Bellingham to the Circle A trailer place on the Guide and finally got a tree. Of course, we paid big for it. We froze getting it onto the vehicle, but finally started on our way home. We got home with about 20 minutes or so to spare before Evan got home from school. Now we have to get it into the house to decorate it. Oh the joys of the holidays!!!

At least we have been somewhat prepared. Our pastor has been speaking on "Expect the unexpected this year for Christmas." Yup, that's us! We will just go with the flo.