Friday, December 26, 2008


I was tagged by Tiffani!! I am supposed to tag five others and blog about 5 addictions that I have. Here goes...

1. Diet Coke-it is a really bad habit, but there it is. Don't mess with me if I don't get my diet coke. All of you who know me well, am I right?

2. My husband-I know; kind of corny, but true. I love to be with him, and I don't like when we are apart for more than a couple of days.

3.Bath and Body Works antibacterial soaps. They must be good, since myself, Holly and Tiffani all love them.

4. Sleep!!! I love my sleep, oh yes I do. I love my sleep-how about you?

5. My children. I can't live without them. They are the most precious blessings I have ever been given.

Now, on to tagging others. I can't really do that since Holly and Tiff have already tagged the other bloggers I know. Sorry, the game ends here.


Tiff said...

Darling, you weren't just tagged, you were awarded! You have to put the little award thingy up on your blog, too, since you are fabulous! Call if you need help!

Snowmommy said...

You are too corny!