Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My little ones

When I started blogging in November, I mentioned all of our farm animals we have. I also mentioned our dogs. We have three mini-dachshunds and a yellow lab. Our yellow lab is Faith. She will turn 2 years old March 13, 2009. We are planning on breeding her when she comes into heat.(should be within the next couple of weeks.) Our breeder has a gorgeous yellow male that will be the daddy. We should get a great breeding out of it.Abby is our black and tan mini-dachshund. She will be 4 years old July 18, 2009. She just had her first litter of pups this past August. We got two cute puppies out of the breeding. We sold the little red female and kept the little red male. That is Puma. He was born August 10, 2008. Ruby is our other red. She will be 2 years old August 18, 2009. The minis are all so different. Abby is quiet and likes to cuddle or snuggle in a blanket by herself. Ruby is the talker. If you look at her, she will talk to you. It is very entertaining. Puma is full of life. Happy and hyper all day long. He is the one in the middle of the other two. Faith is a follower. She likes to be wherever Gordon and I are. We always have to watch where we are going because chances are, we will trip over her.
Anyways, I just wanted to share about my little ones. I love them all and can't imagine them not being part of our family.