Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wind, Wind, and more Wind

It is bad enough that I have been laid out for the past four days and now we have a winter wind storm crashing through our farm. It is hard enough not being able to do the normal things like laundry, dishes, picking things up, putting on my own socks, etc...but then this wind storm comes and Gordon is outside freezing his jingle bells off and I can't even help him.
The pig's water had to be turned off so it wouldn't freeze and Gordon had to put down straw for them because they are on concrete. The goats have a nice winter layer of cashmere, but they are going thru the hay like crazy trying to keep their metabolism going. The cows are cows, whatever! They don't care what kind of weather it is. The chickens are probably laying frozen eggs and their water faucet froze, so Gordon is putting up another heat lamp for them and wrapping their water faucet with heat tape. The cats keep trying to find a nice spot to hide from the wind, and the dogs will barely go outside to go potty.
On top of that, we had to get foundation vent insulation blocks again because last year our chickens ate them.

Oh yeah, the joys of winter!!!


Tracie said...

And the wonderful news is that it shall continue for the rest of the week, at least!!!