Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ballet class

I am such a ding-dong. Tuesday afternoons Sierra has ballet class. I woke up this morning all excited for dance class because today is the day the kids get their costumes for their recital. I have been waiting for this day. Why you might ask?
Because I used to dance and I always thought it was so fun to get to dress up in these awesome costumes that the teacher took so much time to come up with. I know it sounds silly, but I really was excited.
So of course, Sierra complains that she doesn't want to go to dance. She always complains, but then loves it once she is there. I told her she got her costume today. Her response-"so".
Talk about deflation! She couldn't even summon up a little bit of excitement for me!
When we got to class, I could see the teacher sorting them all out. Yippee!! Sierra got excited as soon as she saw the costume, and just about freaked out when she found out they got to try them on and dance the routine with them. Yeah!! Now we are talking! Costumes and pretty little girls jumping around not having a clue what they are doing! So much fun for mommy.
Brings back a lot of memories for me....


Snowmommy said...

Mom was confused about what days they need to wear their costumes. Pictures, rehearsal and performances...right?

Renae said...

Is she dancing with Debbie? If so what is her dance?

Tiff said...

When is the recital?

Uncle Brad said...

Sometimes I will do that same thing. Put on a pretty outfit and just dance around for an hour or so. Just kidding. That would scare a lot of people.

Love you Sierra Dawn.

Uncle Brad