Sunday, February 22, 2009

Update with the broken window...

Ok, so according to Evan who had a long heart to heart with daddy last night, he never lied, he just never told the truth. This is the story according to Evan. I still haven't checked it against Jacob's story, but I don't have any reason to doubt Evan. He was very clearly told the consequence for not telling the truth.

Jacob and Evan were kicking the soccer ball around. Jacob decided to throw rocks at a tree trunk. One of the rocks deflected off of the tree and hit the Jeep window. They heard it hit, but didn't realize that the window actually broke. They continued to play soccer. When the ball went up by the car, Evan ran to get it, saw the window and told Jacob to come see. At that moment Jacob said, "oh man, I am busted!" Evan said,
"let's go tell your mom", and Jacob said no. They continued to play until Jenn noticed her window. At that time, she questioned the boys and Jacob started saying it wasn't them. When Jenn asked Evan, he told her that Jacob was throwing rocks at the tree, but one deflected off the tree and hit the window but they didn't know that it broke. When Bill separated them and questioned them (such a cop!), Evan stuck to his story.
Now, remember, this is Evan's story and we haven't completely verified it yet, so it could be a little off, but we did give him the chance to make sure he was telling all of the truth.
His punishment for not saying anything about it is as follows.
He is grounded for a week. He can't play with his slot car track (which happens to be his favorite thing to do right now), no Hot Wheels on the computer, limited TV watching, and he had the choice of talking to Bill and Jenn directly and telling them how sorry he is, or to right a letter to them. He chose to write the letter, so that is what he will do during his free time. He has all this week to think about what he wants to write and to get it done in legible writing with correct punctuation and spelling. A life lesson and a school lesson rolled into one.
Anyways, that is the current update.


Papa said...

See, I told you that you would make another great parenting decision. I talked with Evan on the phone last night and I told him I was watching the NASCAR race. He asked me where his favorite driver (Kasey Kahne #9)was running in the race. I told him he was running 16th at that time and I said "why don't you turn it on and watch it?" He said "because I have restricted television". I didn't ask any more and he didn't offer. He was not complaining. He knew that it was just the price he was paying for not ratting out his Bud and he was willing to pay that price.

Lessons learned and lessons taught. At least I know that my little buddy will never rat me out! Love, Papa

Tracie said...

Don't count on it, Papa. I have had a long talk and discussion on the topic of lying and/or not telling the truth, including the fact that I consider omission to be the same as lying, which comes with the same harsh consequences. Evan's punishment from this recent fiasco is the wors he has had to endure, so I think he is starting to understand.

You may very well be in bg trouble if you are counting on him to keep your secret!!!


Papa said...

I have no secrets that I would ever expect my little buddy to have to keep for me. I am just being Papa and I think you know that I support everything that you do in being his Mom. He deserves his punishment and it will be a good lesson for him. I hope that he is comming along on that letter.

Love Ya,

Tracie said...

That last response was from me, Gordon, not from Tracie, and was full of must not have seen the G at the end of the message.

:-) G