Monday, February 2, 2009

Game night

Since Grammy and Papa have come up here, we tend to get dinner done faster, homework, baths, animal feedings and all the other stuff that we need to get done in an evening. That has freed up our evenings for game nights. We have been playing a lot of games in the last two weeks. After we are done with everything in the evening, we will sit down and play a couple of games. These pictures show us playing Yahtzee!! Other games we have played a lot this week are Aggrevation, Princess Slipper, Battleship, and Air Hockey. The kids got a new game for Christmas called Snorta. We are going to play that in the next night or so before Grammy and Papa go home. We really enjoy taking the time to play games with the kids. We always have a really good time!


Renae said...

I love game night! Lena got Apples to Apples junior for Christmas. If you have never played that you have to get it for your kids. It is so fun! We were laughing so hard we were crying at one point!!