Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who understands the mind of a seven year old?

Evan has a best friend. His name is Jacob. Jacob and Evan met when they both started playing soccer in preschool. They found out that they would be at the same school, in the same class and they became best friends. They are always together at school, they have the same interests and they think they should be brothers.
If there is an early release Wednesday at school, the boys have made it known that they need to go to one or the others house to play for the day. They love to have sleep-overs on the weekend and they spend hours together playing on Jacob's trampoline or in Evan's room playing with cars and tracks. Basically, they just love being together.

Today, Jacob called at 8:15am wondering if Evan was on his way up to his house yet. So, we got the kids ready and took them up for a play date. Sierra plays with Jacob's sister, Anna, so it works out that no one is left out when there is a play date.
Anyways, the plan was for them to play at Jacob's house and then Bill and Jenn would bring the kids all here for a sleep-over so that they could go on date night. Just a few minutes ago, Jenn brought my two kids home but there was no Jacob, no Anna, and no Bill.
Turns out, Bill told Jenn to bring my kids home because Jacob and Evan were a little too rambunctious and Jacob threw a rock through their Jeep window. Now, granted, that is bad enough, but what really got them all in trouble was the fact that they pretended it didn't happen and went about their playing and never told anyone. Yikes!! Then to top it off, they tried to come up with an excuse and say they don't know how it happened. Double Yikes!!
Needless to say, Jacob is in big trouble at his house, and Evan is in big trouble at our house. Why can't kids understand that if they just tell an adult when something bad happens, they are in less trouble than not saying anything at all or flat out lying about it?
Evan is very in to getting money and having it in his wallet. Maybe a good punishment would be to give Bill what he has in there to pay for a new window? What do you all think?


Snowmommy said...

Yikes, that sucks.

Tiff said...

Hoo, boy, good luck with that one!

Papa said...

Grammy and Papa think he is sorry and he really didn't mean to do it and he has learned his lesson and he has been punished enough and so you should just forget about it. The poor baby is just feeling very bad about it already and we wish we could be there to just give him huggs and kisses and tell him everything is going to be OK. However, thats why we are Grammy and Papa and you guys have to deal with the real world. We know that you will make another great parenting decision.

Love my babes said...

I say what ever gets to the heart of the matter for your individual child is what you should do. I think you have to re-evaluate everytime even w/the same kid. Unfortunatly there is no book that tells us everything. I read your post after this one and it sounds like Evan will get the point after this for omitting the truth. Good luck you are doing great!