Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

I had a great Valentine's weekend. Most of you probably won't agree with that once you read my blog, but to me, it was an awesome weekend.
I started out my Saturday feeding animals and getting Sierra ready for her birthday party she was going to, and Carson ready to take home after his sleep-over. Gordon was on his way home from work and Evan had a sleep-over at his bestest buddy, Jacob's, house. I took Carson home and traded him in for his sister, Cheyanne. It was Tim's birthday yesterday and he planned on sitting in front of the TV watching Nascar, so Cheyanne needed to get out of the house. Anyways, when I got back to the house, Sierra's friend had come to get her for the party. Gordon, Cheyanne and I loaded up the trailer and went to the Everson Beef Auction. Yeah! Auction burger!! They are the best!! Anyways, after 4 hours of sitting on a cold wood bench and watching cow after cow come and go, we finally went to get our trailer to load up our newest purchase. Bo, our black angus steer, was coming home with us. While waiting to get in line to back our trailer up, a cow got loose and took off down the street. The auction guys, Gordon, and a few older farmers who weren't much help, took off down the road after them. They finally corraled him and got him settled. Then we got our cow and headed for home. On the way, we stopped and picked up Sierra at her friends house. When we got home, I took Cheyanne to her house to get some clothes so she could spend the night. Cheyanne loves the church we go to and every other weekend, she tries to go with us. We had a great dinner of pulled pork sandwiches and salad, then we sat around the table and played UNO together. We had a good time, but we were all getting tired, so off to bed we went.
This morning we all got up and headed off to church. This weekend was baptism in all 4 services. Brenden Jensen, who is a friend of Evan's, was getting baptised this morning. His parents, Kurt and Karen, went through adoption at the same time as us and we have very similar stories. We all became very good friends and we were so proud of Brenden today. I even got a little teary eyed. Anyways, after church, we ran to Costco and then had lunch at Subway. I love Subway and my kids are starting to choose it over McDonald's. Yes!!! Now we are home and it is a beautiful day outside. I have lots to do, so I better get to it!!! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends, also.


Renae said...

Hey now no dissing McDonalds!!! :o)

Tiff said...

Boy, nothing says romance better than cow dung and Subway! LOL!

Happy Anniversary!

Papa said...

We had a great weekend also. On Saturday night we wnt to a dinner / dance with Great Grandpa and aunt Jan ant their church. Good food, good music and then Karaoke. Everyone had a lot of fun with that and right at the end of the evening Great Grandpa sang "Old Shep" and the croud loved it. Oh, and yes I told Grammy I loved her more then 50 times that day.

Love Ya,