Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am working again...sort of

So, I decided that while I am studying to become a Medical Transcriptionist, I could still do something to help out our family income. I really don't want to be away from the kids or events that they have at school, and I don't want something to interupt Gordon's work schedule. I finally decided that there really wasn't anything out there so I should just plug along at the studying and get done with that so I can start working from home. Still my plan, but a great opportunity presented itself to me.
My friend Toni has a little girl in Sierra's preschool class. One day the preschool made lunch for the moms so Toni and I sat together and started talking. She and her husband own and operate a janitorial service and they work every night of the week, plus he has a full-time job during the day and she cares for all of her kids and her grandmother. They decided it was time to get someone to help them out a couple of nights a week. As I was talking to her, I realized that this could be a great thing for me. Their biggest client is a vet clinic right up the road from me. So, now I work two nights a week for them. I can go in to clean at 6pm when the office closes or I can wait until my kids are sleeping and go in later. I just have to get it done before the next morning. Last night was my first solo night. HOLY COW!!! It was a lot of work!!
I start out by taking out all the recycle. Then I go around and collect garbage from the 50 or so garbage cans. This takes about an hour! Dusting and cleaning the bathrooms comes next. Then I have to vacuum the whole building. Last night this took me about an hour. My back and arms were killing me! And to my horror I realized that I still had to mop the whole place. Yikes!
Needless to say, I finished all of my work in 3.5 hours. I came home around 11pm and fell (literally) into bed. Gordon had the loving sense to let me sleep in this morning, so he got Evan ready for school and on the bus and set Sierra up with some cartoons for the morning. I slept until 10am!!! Yes-what a wonderful feeling. Then I put my feet on the floor. Oh crap, I can barely move! I hurt all over.
Well, one thing is for sure. I will work on some muscle and maybe lose a few pounds in the process. It is a great workout! Anytime you want to sweat a little, call me up and come work with me! It's a killer!!!!