Saturday, February 7, 2009

My kids are awesome!!!

Let's face it. Every once in a while, your kids do something that just makes you proud and you need to brag a little bit about them. So bare with me while I take a minute to put my kids on a pedestal!

Today was Evan's last day of basketball. He decided this year that he would like to give it a try. He really likes to shoot hoops in our barn, so he thought it would be fun to actually play on a team. At first, he was a little confused as to what to do, and all of the different moves and rules. But as the season wore on, he actually started to enjoy it while learning the basics. During the season, the director put on a hoop shoot contest. He had every one of the boys start out, and dwindled down to the top four. Now, just to let you know, there were five teams of boys with about 8-10 per team. Lo and behold, we got a call on Wednesday last week to tell us that Evan made the finals! We were really happy, but very shocked. I mean, he is playing with kids that are a couple of years older than him and have been playing for a couple of seasons. It was pretty amazing. We were told that no matter what, he would get a trophy for making it to the finals, but today's shoot-out would determine whether he got 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th. We were very happy to find out that he did a great job today and ended up with a 2nd place trophy out of all of those boys. Way to go Evan!!! You are a natural sportsman!!

Then, we move on to Sierra. One thing that has always amazed me is Sierra's ability to entertain herself. I am always calling out to her to find out where she is or what she is doing because she can find things to do on her own. And amazingly, she rarely is doing anything that she might get in trouble for. Today, for example, she decided to have a picnic tea party with her friends. She called me into the room after about an hour and this is what I found. She was very proud of herself and having a very good visit with her friends.

After she was done with her tea party, she decided to build a fort in her room so she could sleep in the fort tonight. She spent a lot of time on this and called me up to see her work after about two hours. I can't believe her focus! She did a great job on her fort and I told her I needed a picture of it because I don't think I could ever build anything as good. She told me she was very proud of herself and can't wait to sleep there tonight.

My kids are awesome!!! I am just sharing the love!


Papa said...

Well I guess you know how much Grammy and Papa agree with these 2 kids being awsome. We love them so much and we just couldn't be prouder. Way to go Evan and Sierra. Way to go Mom and Dad as well for helping to create these great kids.

Snowmommy said...

Way to go Evan! I love your fort Sierra!