Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!!!

Grammy and I schemed all morning on what we could do to fool the guys today. Evan had an assembly at school this morning that he had a speaking part in. We all went to that and then Grammy and I needed to go grocery shopping.
We decided to call the guys on our way home, tell them that the reason we were so late getting back was because we had been hit by a truck in the parking lot. This is the conversation Grammy had with Gordon on my cell phone while we were driving home:

Grammy-Hi Gord, sorry we have taken so long at the grocery store. We are finally on our way home. We were rear-ended in the Safeway parking lot.
Yes, we are ok, just stiff and sore. It was a big truck; a 4x4 250. ( I am cracking up in the background)
Yes, we called the cops and got a report filed. There is quite a bit of damage to the back end. The groceries are ok. We will be home in a few minutes.

She hung up, we cracked up and went on a scenic drive to waste a little time so it seemed like we just left the parking lot. We just giggled and looked at the fields of cows and calfs, biding our time. Finally, we drove in the driveway and saw Gordon waiting outside for us. I told Grammy, let's get out quick and say April Fools! before we started cracking up again.
We did and the guys cracked up. They were yelling and laughing, "you got us good!!!"

(Picture us bowing) Thank you, Thank you! Hold your applause!!