Saturday, April 25, 2009

Braggin' up our boy!!

Most of you know that we have a very athletic boy. He loves all sports. Usually he just plays one sport at a time, but this spring he is playing or doing three different ones. We are very busy running around to different events. We had to go out and buy new folding camp chairs because we have worn out the old ones, plus we bought new stadium chairs for other purposes. Evan is playing soccer, of course. That is a spring, summer, and fall sport for him. He has practice on Tuesday evenings and games on Saturdays. He also plays baseball. He has games on Wednesdays and Fridays. Depending on what field he plays at, we either use the folding chairs or the stadium seats on the bleachers. Also, motocross season just started. Now he is taking lessons from Kyle again and races on Thursdays. It is a good thing Sierra just finished up ballet and isn't doing any sports until fall. Then she wants to try out soccer also. Evan is really great at every sport he tries. He is very competitive and it shows in all his games. We are very proud of him and just want to take a moment to brag about him a little. We are also teaching him that he is part of a team and it takes the whole team to win a game. He understands, and is really great at making sure everyone plays and has fun. He is having a great time, learning lots, getting good excercise, and keeping us VERY busy!


Papa said...

Go Evan. Grammy and Papa are your biggest fans. We call for regular updates on the scores and the play-by-play reports on his games. I am sorry that we will not be there for any of your baseball games this year but we will deffinitly be in the stands at Hanagen for those Thursday night events when we are up there in June and July. Have funa and play hard buddy.

Love my babes said...

It is sure fun to watch them isn't it. I know I complain about being so busy but if it is for the kids that is the best way. Go Evan!!!

Uncle Brad said...

Sweet bike there Evan. I can't wait to see you ride when I get out there for father's day in June. Keep up the hard work. Love ya.