Friday, April 10, 2009

Fridays with Faith

Today is day 11 of the puppies lives. They have changed so much, it is amazing. Here are pictures of the puppies. My mother-in-law gave them temporary names. As of yesterday, they weighed in at these weights.

Green girl-"Love" 2.2 lbs

Yellow girl-"Charity" 2.7 lbs.

Purple girl-"Grace" 1.12 lbs

Pink girl-"Hope" 2.10 lbs.

Red girl-"Joy" 2.6 lbs.

Blue boy-"Buster" 2.8 lbs.


Snowmommy said...


Betty said...

They are soooo cute.

Peggy said...

Vickie was on a role - what happened at Buster? What about Debonair, sport, or better yet studly!