Friday, April 17, 2009

A full house

Last night, I had the pleasure of watching my friend, Tiffani's, kids. Her and Marty were going out for an adult night and she brought her "fab four" over to my house for the evening. It was great. Emma was way too busy playing and running around to pose for a picture, but I did get a few of the boys. This is Ben telling me that the doggies were outside. This is Grant telling me he wants Bubba's cars. And this is baby Drew just being adorable. I also got a rare picture of Evan holding a baby. He didn't even know if he could breathe while holding Drew. He was nervous, but I think he secretly liked it. I had a really great time snuggling with Drew, so I think we should all encourage Tiff to go out more and leave her kids with me!!


Tiff said...

Thanks again for watching them for me, I'm glad tou had fun! Great pics of Drew!
Love you!