Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy 17th Birthday, Jessica!!

Today is my oldest niece's birthday. Jessica turns 17 today. I can still remember when Chris and I were looking at bridesmaid dresses for my wedding and I just looked at her and told her she was pregnant. She asked how I knew. I really don't know, but I did. I also told her she was having a girl. I just "felt" it, and I was right. She was barely two months along! Jessica was born a few months later on April 17th, 1992. I missed her birth, but got down to Portland by very long bus ride later that day and spent the next four weeks living with Chris and Tim and helping them out. Then Chris and Jessi came up to our house and spent another week with us up here. Let's just say that Jessi was a very big excitement in our family. She was spoiled rotten by us all! Here is one of my favorite baby pictures of her. She always had this smile on her face. One of my favorite toddler pictures is this one. She was visiting me and decided to wear her mom's boots around the house. She liked the way they made lots of noise when she walked. This next picture is so cute! She looks so cute in her overalls. Finally, this last picture is Jessi on Easter this year. Grandpa could do with a haircut and shave, but Jessi looks really nice!

She has turned out to be such a joy in my life. Jessi is always smiling, usually laughing or cracking a joke, and always willing to help out. She truly is a blessing, and I couldn't ask for a better niece! I love you, Jessi!!! Happy Birthday!!


Papa said...

Happy Birthday from Grammy & Papa Jess. You are a geat young lady and we love you as well.

Renae said...

Happy Birthday Jessica!! Lena shares her birthday with this wonderful young lady!!!

Uncle Brad said...

Happy Birthday to Jess. Wow 17 already. Hope you had a good day.